My Tango love story

            I have always enjoyed all kinds of dance forms and took classes in jazz dance, Afro-Haitian, ballroom, swing and salsa.  But one year, about 10 years ago, a new dance class, tango, was offered at my local community college in San Francisco, California.  Tango music had always intrigued me so I was very excited to take the class.  The teacher was excellent and I found myself falling in love with the subtleties and intricacies of the dance and of tango music.  I was eager to learn the names of the songs, the orchestras and the tango movements.
            So, it was in my very first tango class that I became charmed with tango and its many moods ---- passionate, sultry, and at times, happy or melancholic.  I also love tango’s chivalrous character.  Although I knew of tango’s rough beginnings in a barrio, whenever I danced the tango, I was reminded of genteel days, of gentlemen courting ladies, of the time when gentlemen expressed their passion by dancing tango. 
            And oh, the sumptuous glamour of tango that is so alluring!  Sultry dresses and exquisite tango shoes are heaven on earth!  Get me to a tango shoe store in Buenos Aires and I’ll die happy!
            Going to milongas in Buenos Aires was simply wonderful and enchanting. Being able to listen to full orchestras playing tango music there absolutely spoiled me.  And taking tango classes from wonderful, patient teachers such as Carina and others (two years ago) were so fun, exciting and instructional for me and my husband.  The tango experience in Buenos Aires truly cemented my love for tango.
            Lady Tango, you have enchanted my soul.  You have beguiled and mesmerized me with your siren song…..I absolutely know it’s going to be a  lifelong, profound love affair!

By Cathy C. in San Francisco, California

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