She nibbled on my ear and I was butter

I was operating my restaurant for 5 years and the last year and a half was a huge struggle; wearing me out both physically and mentally.  Once I found a buyer, I decided to relax and enjoy life.  So I signed up for some salsa classes, to pick up some moves for the honey’s at the nightclub. 

The school I chose taught many different styles of dance and the lady that signed me up was a swing teacher.  She highlighted practically every class in the school, but left out tango.  I asked why not tango? she replied “tango is boring”.  So for a couple of weeks I was taking everything imaginable, except for tango.  

One night I was in bachata class and heard some music from the other salon.  I left the class and peaked into the other salon.  All I saw were people tripping over each other.  I asked what class that was and was told it was beginners tango.  I stood there for minutes intrigued by the music.  That night, I changed my schedule and decided to try tango.  

I fell for her (tango) hard.  After several months of classes, I decided to visit Buenos Aires for two weeks.  It was nothing and yet everything, that I imagined; I knew that I was coming back.  On my return flight to New York, I was working on my budget and thinking about some jobs I can find in Argentina.  Tango had me mesmerized!  At that point in my life, I was at the cross roads.  The one thing that I was certain of, was that I needed her (tango) in my life. 

I kissed my family and friends goodbye, hopped on a twelve hour flight and followed her (tango) to the other end of the world. I didn’t know anyone in Argentina, didn’t speak Spanish very well, but it didn’t matter.  Once you know what you want in life, the only thing holding you back is yourself and I wasn’t going to let that happen.  

Ismet Bracic from NYC. USA

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