Spirited Away on a Quay in Paris

“It’s so beautiful, so sensual. You have to go there.” These were the words of my son Stefan, who the previous evening had seen couples dancing Argentine tango on a quay by the Seine in Paris. That was back in July 1995, when he was in France for a language course, and I was there too – on vacation. A week later I went to that quay, between Notre Dame and Gare d’Austerlitz – and there I sat, totally transfixed for three hours. Among the couples dancing there was a man and a woman, with white hair, elegantly dressed in light colours, who danced in such a beautiful way that I could not take my eyes away from them. Later I saw their photo in an Argentine restaurant on Rue Mouffetard, where they performed.
Immediately I knew that I wanted to learn this dance. But it took a year and a half before I found the tango I was looking for. During my search, I tried a variety of tango courses, including one danced to German tango music with marching rhythms, in which you turned away from your partner with brusque movements that were completely different from those I had witnessed in Paris. But eventually I found the tango I was looking for with Argentine tango teacher, film actress Gloria Leyland, in Malmö, my home area.
To be continued in
 Tango Passion and the Rules of the Game

Margareta W. from Sweden

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