From Tango Shoes to Tango

Four years ago exactly, my wife and I were 52 and dancing was not in our lives at all, but my wife did like shoes a lot.

She thought tango shoes could be adequate for going out and for fancy dinners, theatre evenings and so on.  So we went to a place where tango shoes were being sold.  That place happened to be also a tango club.  While we were looking for shoes, we could not not notice the beautiful music and the tango dancers who were involved in hugging each other and moving around the room so elegantly.  We asked if we can stick around and watch the dancers.  The club had a bar. We ordered a few drinks and watched the dancers for a couple of hours to our amazement.  We spotted some very good dancers and observed their moves. We went back home in pleasant thoughts.

We were not much into dancing, but we were into music.  We have a very good Argentinian friend, who had introduced us to Piazzolla’s music a few years before that evening.   We fell in love with his ingenious music.  That friend told us we could have free tango initiation classes. Despite our harsh winter, we went and gave it a try.

We loved it so much, that after that we got hooked and up to today, it’s impossible to unhook.  It became an addiction, the kind of addiction, which is very desirable, physically and emotionally.  For the last 4 years, we took classes, workshops, went to Buenos Aires and today we go out dancing 6 times a week and enjoy tango greatly.

Well, today, we can’t imagine a life without tango and Piazzolla.  

Louise and Izak from Canada

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