Our tango love story

My husband is Argentinean by origin and I am Belarusian. One year after our civil marriage in Switzerland where we live we decided to make a religious ceremony in Minsk and a big wedding party. Nowadays it became very popular to make a special bride-groom dance for the guests as a part of the show, so I thought it would be nice to prepare our unusual dance to impress the guests.
   Here is where I started thinking what this dance could be like… something funny? something romantic ? something exotic ?.. I almost got lost when I thought that the origin of my husband is the best clue for a passionate, exotic, absolutely unusual for Belarus and at the same time gorgeous choice! TANGO !
   Decision taken and well discussed, my ever best husband in the world suggests to  go to learn our dance in BA, its motherland. Wow! What an idea!
   Finally we came there for two weeks and making the call to the first agency we found, they suggested us a meeting with a prof… Here I should say, how lucky we were! Carina Mele, the best ever dance teacher in the world! What a patience, persistence, attention!!! I simply love u, Carina!
   In ten days she taught us a fabulous dance! We bought our special shoes and dress for me in BA, my mother even made a scarf for my husband! Everybody at the marriage was simply shocked by the performance and as Carina said my husband nature woke up perfectly on time – he was an absolutely Argentinean macho!
   Tango, my love, never thought I will have such a chance in live to touch u so closely. Carina, millions of thanks will never express my feeling of being grateful!
   And maybe my dream of becoming a ballet dancer didn’t come true, but could I ever imagine what a much more beautiful thing I could not even dream about will become reality?
P.S. Keep photos and a video and my special dress for future generations)) Who knows, maybe there someone will become a great tango dancer?;)
Liliya & Ernesto W.   from  Switzerland

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