My Tango

About 6 years ago I went to small restaurant to celebrate birthday with my friends. The place was nice. During the dinner I heard very intriguing music. Late at night, two couples started to dance on a very small dancing floor to the music we heard that evening.
The dance and the music really moved me! I asked what is that dance and was told that it is argentine tango and the music is one of Pugliese’s tango.
Next day I was still thinking about the dance and the music. I started to search the clips with tango on internet…..
And every next day was more tango “oriented”.
It was March and in May I bought the ticket to Buenos Aires for July!! I booked the room in small hotel on Av. Corrientes and got the information about tango schools, teachers and milongas (via internet – of course!!). To feel better I also bought small English –Spanish dictionary !! I was ready and simply waited for the day of my TANGO TRIP.

I remember every moment from my first day in Buenos Aires.
It was Sunday. I arrived to Buenos Aires at 9am, took a taxi to downtown and checked in in my hotel. After about 6 hours of rest I asked in hotel reception where the nearest milonga is. The receptionist smiled and told me about the Matinee Milonga in Confiteria Ideal on Suipacha.
I found my way to Confiteria, bought the ticket and was asked to take a sit at the small table in a place for single woman !
The dancing floor was full of couples dancing to the fantastic music. I admired dancers, their movements, the connection, the intense listening to music and ….. the look of their faces : concentrated, calm, happy ?!
I watched them and was thinking “Will I be ever able to dance like them? “
Suddenly, the man came to my table and invited me to dance. I answered: “I do not know how to dance , I came to Bs As to learn your beautiful dance” .
But the man answered: “Do not worry – we will dance “. And… I followed him to the dancing floor. He smiled to me, asked about my name and after few moments he embraced me and we started to dance argentine tango!!! He lead me in such a clear way that I could follow – even in such a close embrace!  I felt fantastic!
That first evening in Buenos Aires I danced few more times and THAT EVENING I believed I will dance argentine tango!
I was lucky that my first tango was with very good dancer- tanguero, who did not “frighten” me but just opposite, he made me feel comfortable and confident in his tango embrace!
Since that time I am learning to dance tango. But my best time with tango is in Buenos Aires where I am coming every year (since my first trip). And like first time I am taking classes in tango schools and going to milongas!
 I feel blessed to have traveled to Buenos Aires to my first tango class !
I wish and I hope I will be able to that to my very last days !!

Elizabeth from Poland

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